Jesse Summers is the founder of SAVMotus. He grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with a fascination in automobiles and product design. Moving to Savannah in 2010, he earned a BFA in Industrial Design at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Soon after, he purchased his first sports car, a 1999 BMW M3 convertible.This led to Jesse’s first job out of College at the local BMW dealership. There he gained an appreciation for the brand and its motorsport heritage. 

Jesse’s BMW M3 was in rough shape and the seats were ripped and torn. This began the search for a suitable car seat cover. To his dismay, Jesse realized there are no enthusiast options in the car seat cover market. All of the covers were universal and not reflective of the motorsport community. He resolved to create a product to fill this need. Over the course of the last several years Jesse and the team at SAVMotus have been fine tuning the design and production of the first product: The replica M tech Car seat Cover. 

When not working, Jesse enjoys going on hikes and canoe rides with his dogs in his free time. Jesse remains committed to innovating the automotive industry and bringing new products to life. The goal is for the user to have a lasting and meaningful connection with the product.
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